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360º Yacht Industry Marketing

A good marketing strategy aims to reach customers at all points of the purchasing cycle to maximise chances of finding new potential customers and engaging with them in a variety of ways – a 360° approach.

Below are some top tips for developing a successful 360° marketing plan…

Research and define your target market

Study your audience, get inside their minds. Know where they hang out (online and offline), what problems they have, what solutions they want and how much they are willing spend.

Consider the buyer cycle from awareness to purchase

  1. Awareness

  2. Consideration

  3. Purchase

  4. Post-purchase

At each stage, take a unique approach to communicate with your audience – considering different methods, channels and messaging.

Include online and offline methods

For every stage of the cycle, consider the use of digital and traditional marketing. Remember audiences may vary from channel to channel, so make sure your messaging is appropriate for the audience you are talking to.

Don’t stop after the first purchase!

It’s far harder to find new customers than it is to build and maintain relationships with existing ones. Consider your post-purchase experience - what does this look like? Ask for reviews and feedback. Entice higher spending and repeat purchases with discounts, loyalty rewards, or even just simple reminders to repurchase. Make it easy for them and most importantly say thank you!

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