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Webinars in a Post COVID World

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Opportunities to connect with customers face to face are still limited, so now is the time to embrace Webinars. You’ve probably attended many, but have you run your own? Allowing you to deliver presentations, workshops or interactive sessions to big groups, it’s time to reconnect with existing customers and reach new audiences.

Here are our top webinar tips:

  1. Struggling to think of a topic for your webinar? Ask your customers what would interest them. People are more likely to attend if it will enrich their lives or solve a relevant problem.

  2. Promote your webinar using unique registration links for each channel. This allows you to track effectiveness and calculate ROI. Promotion doesn’t need to be expensive – A boosted Facebook post can reach 10,000 people for the price of a takeaway for two!

  3. Write a step-by-step delivery plan and hold a dress rehearsal to practice.

  4. Most webinar platforms offer the ability to start the webinar in practise mode, allowing presenters to test audio and video before the attendees join.

  5. Imagine the webcam is the person you are talking to. A natural conversational technique will come across better than reading a script.

  6. There is often a reluctance by attendees to be the first person to ask a question during any Q&As. Having a handful of pre-written questions is important to get the session going.

  7. Use follow up emails to send attendees notes or additional literature.

Feeling nervous? Consider getting professional help to organise and host your webinar, helping you achieve the maximum return on time and investment

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