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The Knot Agency is not your average marketing agency. We are a collective of talented strategists, creatives, wordsmiths, language people, techies, number crunchers, people-people, thinkers, disruptors, sailors and more, but most importantly, everyone is a do-er.  


We understand the boating marketplace, we know how the customer thinks.  You pay us to do a job and we get on and do it!  We’re there as much as you need us, with a flexible approach to suit your needs and no contracts to sign in blood - unless you really want to!


We’re not just marketeers. We’ve stood in your shoes as a country manager, chemist, business development manager, sales rep and marketing manager on your side of the fence.  We understand the challenges you face and demands on your time, so we often form close relationships and become an integral part of your team, without the HR headaches.  


Is there any limit to the boundaries of what we can achieve together for your business?  We say, bring it on! Challenge us. 




We are a specialist Marine Marketing Agency.

It is all we do and all we want to do.


We keep up to date industry databases. 


We are lean and flexible.  Able to scale, but with minimal overheads to be passed on. 


Look at the wider picture and ensure plans work in harmony with all business functions. 


Comprised of a team who have a love of being on and around the water. 


We know and understand the marketplace and the people within it. 


We provide a personal touch, whilst having the skill and resource to achieve anything. 


We partner with our clients as an extension of their in house team regardless of project size. 


We are well connected with the leisure marine press. 


Members of the Yachting Journalists Assoc. 


We are not just marketeers having broad experience across different business functions. 


We work in a unique way, which means you only pay for the expertise you need at any particular time.  No one is sitting with their feet up on a desk twiddling their thumbs at your expense.  We comprise of a close knit team of freelancers who share the same drive and passion for our work.  We have trusted connections across a huge variety of skills who supplement our core day to day team.

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"I started The Knot Agency in 2016 after ten years of sales and marketing in the yacht division at one of the most well known paint manufacturers in the world working with the leisure and super yacht market segments.

The diversity of our client base means no day is the same and getting up wondering what fresh challenges the day will bring is exciting. I consider myself lucky to work in such a friendly industry where we all go about our days helping thousands of boaters enjoy their leisure time."

Chris - At the Helm

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Kate is our resident fixer and a long standing team member since 2017.  She has great project management skills and pays a massive amount of attention to detail to keep all our activities ship shaped.  It's in her nature as an ex-yacht paint development chemist.  

With well rounded marketing knowledge and practical experience Kate assists clients in creating marketing strategies and tactics before getting on with delivering results.    

Kate - Resident Fixer

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"Once upon a time, Elaine used to lead an incredibly glamourous life marketing international marinas and promoting superyachts, one child later, and she now keenly writes about paint drying and boat insurance (amongst other relevant industry topics).


Whatever the business, she still finds immense satisfaction in helping deliver creative marketing solutions to the marine industry. Most of all, Elaine is passionate about telling stories, growing reputations and delivering memorable customer experiences.


Elaine - Off the Chart Creative



Web Developer







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