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Haven Knox-Johnston Launch 'Coast to Canal' Video Series Featuring Dee Caffari

The Haven Knox-Johnston crew are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Coast to Canal’, a two-part video series featuring narrow boating YouTube legends, Fran and Rich from ‘Floating Our Boat’, and round-the-world yachtswoman Dee Caffari. The series is a feel-good, reality TV show created for the enjoyment of the whole boating community, from the coast to the inland waterways, to share together the love of being afloat.

This fly-on-the-wall documentary of Dee’s maiden voyage on the Grand Union Canal in Leicestershire shows her leaving the tides and currents of the open sea for a completely new challenge involving staircase locks, winding holes and tunnels on the tranquil inland waterways of the UK. Whilst Dee is a hugely accomplished yachtswoman, she definitely relied on her hosts, Fran and Rich, for expert guidance and instruction along the way and to help her avoid some potentially embarrassing situations! Luckily, she couldn’t have asked for better, more patient teachers in Fran and Rich, who in 2018 swapped their life in Norfolk for a life continuously afloat exploring the inland waterways.

Historically, here in the UK there has been a clear divide between the two boating communities, inland and coastal, with the experiences enjoyed often being at different ends of the boating spectrum. With this video series, Haven Knox-Johnston sets out to discover if being a fan of one or the other is mutually exclusive, and whether the divide can be bridged. In a (arguably) highly scientific effort to compare and contrast, explore the similarities and differences and discover the joys and challenges, Dee, Fran and Rich were recruited as guinea pigs for the experiment.

Intrigued? Well, if you are visiting the Crick Boat Show on Saturday 4th June, join in the official launch on the Seminar Stage at 10.30am for a Q&A session with Fran and Rich to be one of the first to view episode one. For everyone else not in attendance, visit to view episode one at your leisure.

Haven Knox-Johnston provides ship-shaped boat insurance to discerning clients across the UK and beyond. For a competitive insurance quote visit or call their friendly crew on 01732 223 650.

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