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Marketing Sustainably in the Yacht Industry

Plastic bottle on the beach

When it comes to sustainable marketing in the yacht industry there are a number of easy changes you can make which won’t cost a fortune and will help protect the environment for future generations as well as potentially saving you money right now:

Design - Avoid putting event names and dates on literature and branded items. Choose robust, long lasting materials allowing multiple use.

Printing - Use FSC certified paper, avoiding finish coatings / laminations which are not recyclable. In the office print double sided and only use colour when really needed. Make literature and other printed material available to download as pdf files.

Signage - Choose aluminium signage which can be recycled at the end of its life and will last longer than plastic.

Giveaways - Focus on gifts your target audience will find useful. Spend budget on high quality items. Source locally and opt for recycled/able options. Does anyone really use a stress ball for more than the firsts few minutes after given to them?

Packaging - Look for options which minimise waste. Biodegradable or recyclable options are ideal, although still relatively hard to source. Is that plastic bag really necessary?

Action - Take part in or sponsor activities and organisations which aim to repair and protect the marine environment. There are many great organisations which would be hugely grateful for any amount of funding. It doesn't need to be a big donation to make a real difference.

Sustainability efforts can save money and be used for great PR. However, be genuine! If caught “greenwashing” you risk reputation damage. There are many behavioural and physical changes possible to boost sustainability, but it is unrealistic to change everything overnight. Make constant incremental changes for a long term sustainable future.

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